Commute Options

Our goal is to develop programs benefiting the public and to provide information about transportation choices through education, outreach and public participation. The Highway 101: Santa Barbara to Mussel Shoals project includes public information, construction, incident management, and commuter programs to improve communications with the public, residents, commuters, and local businesses while minimizing disruptions during construction.

Commute Options

Throughout construction, the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments sponsors the Freeway Service Patrol. The Freeway Service Patrol provides rotating tow-truck services during peak-periods to quickly clear vehicular incidents that can slow down traffic.

Traffic Solutions, a division of the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments, promotes and encourages alternatives to driving alone with the goals of reducing traffic congestion, air pollution, and vehicle miles driven as well as improving the quality of life for employees, visitors, and residents of Santa Barbara County. Please visit SmartRide to see customized commute information.