Construction for Highway 101: Carpinteria has been moved up to spring 2020!

In addition to starting construction early, the following Highway 101 corridor update from the teams at SBCAG and Caltrans gives a sneak peek at:

  • the new Casitas Pass Overcrossing lanes open in Carpinteria,
  • design status on the freeway improvements to add a new peak-hour carpool lane in each direction from Carpinteria up to the Sheffield Drive interchange,
  • funding strategies for the two remaining segments in Montecito and Santa Barbara,
  • a peak-hour rail update,
  • and an overall project summary.

Hwy 101: Linden and Casitas Pass (Phase 3)
As construction on the Hwy 101: Linden and Casitas Pass project continues, new lanes have opened on the updated Casitas Pass Road Overcrossing (see photo below).

Crews continue construction of the new Linden Avenue and Casitas Pass Road Overcrossings, the new connection of Via Real from Casitas Pass Road up to Linden Avenue through a new roundabout, and extensive drainage improvements.

This project provides significant roadway improvements for Carpinterians and prepares the area for the upcoming Hwy 101: Carpinteria project that will add a third freeway lane in each direction in Carpinteria. Project information is available online at

Hwy 101: Carpinteria to Santa Barbara (Phase 4)

The Hwy 101: Carpinteria to Santa Barbara project will add a third lane in each direction on Highway 101, update ramps and bridges, and improve safety features between Carpinteria and Santa Barbara. The project is planned in five areas to speed up progress and to qualify for state and federal funding.

Hwy 101: Carpinteria (4A)
Construction will begin in spring 2020 - ahead of the planned summer 2020 prior start date!

The main components for Hwy 101: Carpinteria can be found at Construction will run through 2023.

Hwy 101: Padaro & Summerland (4B & C)
Positive comments were received from both the South County Board of Architectural Review and the Montecito Board of Architectural Review as part of the County of Santa Barbara's coastal permitting process for Highway 101: Padaro & Summerland (see map below). This means that both projects will move forward to Planning Commission review as early as January.

Funding Update

Highway 101: Carpinteria, Padaro, & Summerland are fully funded. Beginning this spring, SBCAG and Caltrans will be applying to the California Transportation Commission for Senate Bill 1 (SB1) funding for Highway 101: Montecito & Santa Barbara. The list of projects funded will be announced by fall 2020.

Peak-hour Rail
Amtrak Pacific Surfliner peak-hour rail service between Ventura County and Carpinteria/Santa Barbara/Goleta marked its one-year milestone in April 2019. A joint effort of SBCAG, the California State Transportation Agency, and the Pacific Surfliner Joint Powers Agency (LOSSAN), the train service offers an alternative to Highway 101 and has been popular with commuters whose schedules fit the early morning and afternoon train schedules attracting over 100 passengers per trip.

SBCAG works with the Ventura County Transportation Commission to support traffic congestion relief strategies for commuters traveling between Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, including the peak hour train service. Traffic Solutions, a division of SBCAG, recently engaged the Santa Barbara and Goleta business community to help employees get out of gridlock and reclaim part of their day by trying the train. This effort included partnering with the Goleta and Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce organizations to host lunchtime outreach events at the Goleta and Santa Barbara train stations, celebrate regular commuters during a passenger appreciation week, and launched a testimonial campaign that features experiences of commuters who are taking advantage of the rail service. These outreach efforts all aim to attract new train passengers by offering a trial 10-ride pass for commuters who live in Ventura County or Carpinteria and go to work in Santa Barbara.

Commuters are encouraged to learn the tips and tricks for riding the train by reading Traffic Solutions train tips flyer and can request FREE commuter passes until the end of November by visiting the Traffic Solutions Train Promo webpage for more information.

Highway 101: Santa Barbara to Mussel Shoals
The Highway 101: Santa Barbara to Mussel Shoals project includes the widening of Highway 101 to three lanes in each direction. Eight of the 16 miles in this area have been widened. There are 4 project phases (see map below). Phase 4 is in development, Phase 3 is in construction, and Phases 1 and 2 are complete.

Highway 101: Carpinteria to Santa Barbara (Phase 4)
Phase 4 has five segments (A - E) to speed up implementation and the opportunity to leverage state funding. See map above.

Phase 4 Key Project Components (all are part of a “fix it once” approach)

  • 10 miles of peak-hour carpool lanes northbound & southbound
  • 2 new interchanges: Cabrillo Boulevard & Sheffield Drive
  • 7 creek bridges with water flow improvements
  • On- and off-ramp improvements
  • Sound-attenuating pavement
  • Safety improvements

Please visit the Phase 4 webpage to see maps of each area.