Construction Updates

As part of our ongoing effort to keep the community up to date on the Highway 101: Linden and Casitas Pass Project, we send out regular project construction updates via email. The following is the current construction update.


November 18 - December 1, 2018
**Safety reminder: Please be mindful of pedestrians and bicyclists throughout town. As new bridges and street sections open up, please drive slowly and share the lanes with bicyclists until new bike lanes open.**

Scheduled Construction

**Added Work**

  • The northbound Highway 101 off-ramp at Casitas Pass Road will be closed from Monday through Friday, November 26th - 30th, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm for drainage work. Drivers can use the northbound off-ramp at Bailard Avenue as a detour.


  • The new Highway 101 northbound on-ramp at Casitas Pass Road is now open. From Casitas Pass Road, drivers use the new Via Real section to access the new northbound on-ramp.
    • Please be mindful of new traffic patterns at Casitas Pass Road and Via Real.
  • With the opening of the new ramp, Via Real north of Casitas Pass Road and the old northbound freeway on-ramp are closed. Crews are working on retaining walls in the area prior to construction of the new Via Real connection up to Linden Avenue. Hales Lane residents will continue to use Via Real to access their homes.

Above left: KEYT's John Palminteri interviews Supervisor Williams and Mayor Shaw on the
new northbound Highway 101on-ramp at Casitas Pass Road prior to the ramp opening.
Below: Supervisor Williams, Mayor Shaw, and supervisor-elect Hart test out the new on-ramp.

Casitas Pass Road

  • Overcrossing
    • Crews will continue installing wood forms and pouring concrete for the center columns (bents) of the new overcrossing.
    • Temporary supports (falsework) is also being installed near the side supports (abutments) for the next section of overcrossing construction.

Linden Avenue Overcrossing

  • Crews will install wood forms and pour concrete for the side supports (abutments) for the next section of the new overcrossing.

Highway 101

  • Carpinteria Creek Bridges (northbound and southbound Highway 101)
    • Crews will continue work on the areas connecting the new bridges. Work continues on the bridge safety barriers.
  • Carpinteria Creek
    • Work continues on new bike path improvements and connections. Around the creek, willows are being planted.
  • New drainage improvements are being installed at Carpinteria Creek, Via Real, Casitas Pass Road, and near the new northbound on-ramp at Casitas Pass Road.
  • Electrical work is progressing around the project to install new lighting connections on Via Real.
  • Northbound Highway 101 sound wall between Linden Avenue and Franklin Creek (behind Nipomo Drive)
    • Crews will continue drilling and installing the underground supports (piles) for the new wall.

Via Real

  • Via Real is closed from Casitas Pass Road to the old northbound Highway 101 on-ramp. Drivers can use the new northbound Highway 101 on-ramp at Casitas Pass to access the freeway. Local residents can still access Hales Lane.
  • Crews will install wood forms and pour concrete for the retaining wall along Via Real between Casitas Pass Road and Hales Lane.

Upcoming Work: fall/winter

  • The Highway 101 southbound off-ramp at Casitas Pass Road will close for up to 1 month. Detour maps can be viewed at

Construction Cameras

Photos refresh every 10 minutes.

Linden Avenue Overcrossing

Casitas Pass Overcrossing


The timeline below is a reference tool to highlight planned construction of key components, temporary closures, and project openings. The schedule may change to enable construction efficiencies or to accommodate changes in weather.